Sunday, March 11, 2012

REVIEW : Chinatown Spring Onion Prata

It's Saturday morning. By the time I wake up, it's already 9.30am. Feelin' lazy to go out for brunch. I smell curry in the kitchen! It must be my Mother-In-Law cooking curry in the kitchen while I'm still cuddling, gluing myself within my comforter.

She left for work not long later. I walked to the kitchen, staring at that pot of curry, scratching my head what should I eat with this if I don't wanna step out of the house.

And so, I found this in my freezer! Chinatown Spring Onion Prata!

I bought this 2 weeks ago. Because fellow Facebook HappyCall Pan group buddies kept promoting it. Since I have curry in the kitchen, I think I wanna give it a try.

Straight to my HappyCall Pan. No need to thaw...

Cover up the pan, medium fire, leave it there for 2 minutes at each side. And Wala~!!!

It will rise up like a balloon. I'm happy!

Now I messed it up abit and let's see the fluffiness & the thin layers...

Shall give my Prata a good "clap" to kinda loosen it abit and make it fluffier...

And let's see the crispy layers again...

Not bad!

And I love the taste of the spring onions. Max can eat 3 at a time. It's yummy & effortless! Good to have if you want a quick meal. I think I will buy it again. But I won't eat it too often. No matter what, it is still a pre-packed food you know?

And now... This is my Mother-In-Law's curry. Typical Singaporean curry chicken that I don't really fancy. But well... I'm not fussy over it la.

Stay tuned! :D

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