Sunday, December 8, 2013

Chinese Red Eggs (红鸡蛋)

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Yes! Today is my birthday. Haha. So, I made some red eggs (红鸡蛋) for myself.

These bright red colored cooked chicken eggs are first hard boiled and then wet red color is smeared over the eggs to create a red coloring. Nothing fanciful, but it is the significant food instead.

In Chinese culture, it is common to find red eggs at the baby's full month or baby's 1st birthday. Eggs symbolize birth or a new start. Hence, for eggs to be served to guests during an important birthday is very significant. The red color means prosperity and good fortune to the Chinese. And this explains why Chinese eat red eggs during birthday :)

When I was a kid, my grandma used to make these red eggs for me on my birthday. Sometimes she will reserve a huge L shaped chicken tight for me too. What a feast! Ever since I moved away from my grandma, no one makes red eggs for me anymore :(

I still, follow the most basic way of making red eggs as what my grandma did. Used red coloring powder instead of the modern liquid coloring. A very small amount of coloring powder will do the work.


  • 4 fresh eggs (or more)
  • a tsp of salt
  • small amount of red coloring powder
  • a tsp of water to mix with the red coloring powder


  1. To make hard boiled eggs. In a stock pot, add enough water, a tsp of salt, and gently add in eggs. Bring to a boil in medium heat. 
  2. Once eggs are boiled, remove and set aside to let the eggs cool down for 5mins or more. 
  3. In a bowl, mix red coloring powder with a tsp of water. 
  4. Put the egg on the red coloring, roll the eggs around to let the red coloring smear all over the eggs. Do this one at a time. If you find the eggs are not red enough, you could roll the eggs on the red coloring to let it dye one more time.  

Do use a spoon or gloves if you don't want your hands and nails to be dyed in the process. To me, getting your hands and nails dyed is kinda fun! It's part of the process!

I love the peeling part! It will dyed the egg white a little during peeling. And that makes this hard boiled eggs special. One way or another, our traditions usually revolve around food and the symbols they represent in life.

Beautiful mess :)

These red eggs symbolize luck, good fortune and blessing. It is my birthday, and I'm sharing this blessing in my house. Kuan Lok (my tenant) get to eat red eggs too! He's having hard time peeling his red eggs. Hahaha...

So, is your birthday coming soon? Make some red eggs! :)

Once again, Happy Birthday to me!!! :)