Thursday, March 8, 2012

Food Blog : The thing that I had been wanting to do

Food Blog. Yes! This is the thing that i had been wanting to do for years. But I'm just lazy and I'm not determined enough to do it.

One fine weekend, Max said that I will probably regret in future, if I don't do this now. Well, maybe he's true. I have spent so much time and effort in the kitchen which I could blog about it. At another side, all my friends had been screaming at me for not blogging it. As they say, posting my food pictures on facebook is never enough. I have a loooooong menu list. Some of them, I've barely remember how i did it. Ah.. Well...

With Max's support, I think I should push myself to do it.

But readers, please be prepared. You wont be seeing artsy fartsy stuffs here like other food blogs. I'm just a simple person with a tiny kitchen with certain limitation. Maybe... when I'm feelin' crazy, you may see some bing-bang-curly-wurly alfro thing here. Who knows?

Stay Tuned :)

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