Saturday, July 2, 2016

Annielicious Food on 弹指间的料理 Touch-Screen Cuisine Challenge

For those who followed my Facebook Page, I believe everyone knows my recent stint on the latest TV Show (Channel 8) Touch-Screen Cuisine (弹指间的料理). I have to thank MediaCorp for the approach for such exciting opportunity of being involved in the production of this new Mandarin TV variety cooking program.

Hosted by Ben Yeo and Vivian Lai, Touch-Screen Cuisine (弹指间的料理), is the production of MediaCorp Channel 8. Touch-Screen Cuisine appears once every Wednesday at 8pm, and was just 30 minutes long, showcasing blogger's popular recipes from his/her blog.

This entertaining programme that turns selected online recipes into mouth-watering reality. Each episode introduces some of the food bloggers famous recipe and features and artiste trying it out.

This entertaining programme that turns selected online recipes into mouth-watering reality. Each episode introduces some of the food bloggers famous recipe and features and artiste trying it out.

Other than Annielicious Food (myself), many well known Singapore bloggers were involved featuring their signature dishes too. That includes Travelling-Foodies, Peng's Kitchen, Delishar, Chef and Sommelier, The Domestic Goddess Wannabe, GuaiShuShu, Bake For Happy Kids, I eat I shoot I post, Little Miss Bento, Victoria Bakes, Chubby Hubby and who else? I forgot if I missed out any. I hope I didn't. Bloggers were expected to prepare their signature dishes being cooked and prepared on the spot.

When I was approached on this task, I was reluctant. I have messy and tiny kitchen, I have very little time, I wasn't ready for that, I don't know what to do, I probably will feels too stressed over it and the list goes on. Lots of uncertainty, lots of imaginations, lots of thoughts. It's like... there's butterflies in my stomach kind.

The entire discussion process with MediaCorp wasn't smooth sailing. Finalising the dish takes forever due to some coordination needed at MediaCorp's side. I proposed Singapore Chilli Crab at one point of time, but due to Dr. Leslie Tay ( I eat I shoot I post ) is cooking Black Pepper Crab, this idea was dropped. And some Hakka cuisines were mentioned, but it wasn't come to a conclusion. In the end, Hakka Abacus Beads (客家算盘子) were decided, considering me growing up from Hakka Family, I do cook Hakka dishes more at home, and my Hakka Abacus Beads recipe on my blog is very well received.

The production of the program was divided into 2 parts. MediaCorp did a portfolio shooting at my home back in April'16. I was really busy with my work back then, and I'm the lucky ones that I have helper at home. I have to really thank my helper for helping me to get my house cleaned up before the shooting.

I have to re-create the Hakka Abacus Beads during the home-shooting session just for that very short introduction.

Other than that, I have to prepare a table of meals for profile shooting. I've got charcoal fire long hour brewed soup, hakka salted chicken with ginger sauce, stir-fry vegetables, and the simplest yet delicious french bean omelette was our all time favorite. 

As part of the shoot, my mother in law and my husband have to sit down for the meal with me.

The whole shooting process in the studio was tiring. Also, guest artiste for the week that I'm cooking with, is Calvin Soh 苏志成 who is an experienced cook. He hosted many cooking show and he himself is a Hakka, originated from Malaysia who is experienced in Hakka Abacus Beads before. This dish is easy task for him. Infact, Ben and Vivian says it right. He's here to PK with me. Haha. He's funny!

If you were to watch the entire episode, you will noticed that there's three argument point :
The first one was, why is there's 菜圃 (cai po/cai pu), a.k.a preserved white radish appeared on this dish. The second one was, there's no minced pork in the dish. The third one was, Calvin Soh insisted to add Fish Sauce in this dish, while I didn't. Oh well.... Keep the traditions is the idea that MediaCorp initiated.

Well, minced pork wasn't used during good old times. But pork were added at the latter as I was told. The existence of cai pu 菜圃 is supposed to give flavor to the dish since there's lack of pork. And for the fish sauce, there's no fish sauce were used during old times. Dried shrimps and dried cuttlefish is the element of the Umami taste of this dish. Not fish sauce. So, I choose not to add fish sauce in there for this recipe to retain it's originality. But again, there's no right or wrong here. Sometimes I do add fish sauce for taste enhancement too.

After the whole episode of Touch-Screen Cuisine Challenge, I've learnt something. It's about how one should balance between holding the tradition flavor vs pleasing modern generation's taste-bud. And requirement vs expectation. Yeah. More to learn.

For those who's residing in Singapore, you can catch up this show on Toggle TV to watch my episode online 弹指间的料理 Touch-Screen Cuisine (Episode 11), and as well as other episodes featuring other recipe bloggers too.

For those who's residing overseas and have no access to Toggle TV, you may catch up this show on this YouTube Link on 弹指间的料理 Touch-Screen Cuisine (Episode 11) 

If you wished to try making this dish for your family, here's the recipe : Hakka Abacus Beads (客家算盘子).