Friday, March 30, 2012

Ramen Eggs (with Tonkotsu Ramen)

I wanted to make Ramen Egg long ago. But the moment I thought of making Ramen Egg, I tell myself "What about Ramen? I don't know how to make them. Especially the noodle!"

I couldn't bear to eat Ramen Egg just like that. I insist to eat them together with Ramen. So, I bought a pack of instant Ramen from Meidi-Ya last week. This pack of Ramen serves two. It cost me about S$3.80 I think. I forgotten the exact price. But I would say, this noodle taste decent. Nothing to gaga about. I think fresh Tonkotsu broth is still the best.

I won't give much of a review over this noodle tho. 

So, here it is...

Ramen Eggs
  • I used medium sized eggs (55 grams). Eggs must be in room temperature. Or else, you may not be able to achieve the exact result.
  • Put eggs into boiling water. Water level must cover up the whole egg. Set your timer into 6 or 7 minutes. It depends on your preferred consistency. Read on and you will know what I mean.
  • While the eggs is boiling, prepare a bowl of ice cube filled with water, add a tablespoon of vinegar. 
  • Once the time is up, dish up the eggs and straight to the ice water until the eggs completely cool. 
  • Gently remove the shells, and your eggs is ready. Try to use 2 to 3 days old eggs. If your eggs is too fresh, then, you will have hard time peeling the eggs shells.
If you want your egg yolk to be more runny, set 6 minutes. This is the 6 minutes result...
I prefer it to be less runny. So, I did another batch, set the cooking time as 7 minutes which I think it works better. After that, I prepared a soy sauce broth, soak the eggs in there for an hour, just to give the eggs some color and flavor.

This is the 7 minutes result...
I think the egg yolk is slight overcooked. I wanted something in-between. Hmm... 

Anyway, it's ok. Let's move on.

By right, the eggs must be soaked in the soy sauce broth for at least 3 hours to achieve best result. But I don't have such luxurious time. I only have 1 hour. So, you could see obviously that the brownish color is only on the eggs surface only. 

For the Ramen Eggs Broth (good for 2 to 3 eggs)

  • 50mls water
  • 50mls soy sauce
  • 2 slices of ginger, julienned
  • a tablespoons of sugar
Bring the broth to a boil, simmer for a minute, leave it aside and let it cool before you use it to soak the eggs. 

If you are in a rush, and only have time to soak your eggs for 1 hour (like me), add a teaspoon of dark soy sauce. This will speed up the browning process for the eggs. If you have the 3 to 5 hours time to soak the eggs, you could omit this. 

Double up the broth recipe if you are soaking more eggs. 

Now take a look at my bowl of Tonkotsu Ramen. This is what I called a decent bowl of noodles! Now you know why I insist to eat my eggs with Tonkotsu Ramen?

Conclusion : The eggs taste good. But I think it can me a lil' more flavorful. Next time, I will try to cook the eggs again, using 6mins 30sec cooking time. And give the eggs a good 3 hours soak and shall see the difference.

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