Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quick Meal : Bak Kwa Fried Rice

A real rush hour today. No bluff. Max is coming home to fetch me in 20mins time. Max don't have the time to eat dinner at home. So, we're heading to coffee shop for a simple meal, which could makes my life much easier by just eating coffee shop food. But I just don't feel like eating outside food today. I'm kinda... Urgh! I'd rather eat my own simple cooking than eating out. But he's in a rush, and he wanted me to eat dinner with him.

Since I need to sit at the coffee shop and eat with him, and he need to rush for his duty after his quick dinner. I decided to make myself a real quick bento for myself to bring along.

Looking at these ingredients... It's obviously fried rice lah!

As usual, I dig out whatever I have in the fridge...

Actually, I don't have much left-over. I knew it. But when I saw a bowl of left-over Japanese rice in the fridge, I'm so mad happy! Hahaha... And I saw a pack of Bak-Kwa lying on the table. And immediately I know I should make fried rice!

Ingredients (Serve 1 hungry girl)
  • a bowl of left-over rice
  • a tablespoon of oil
  • 1 beaten egg
  • a handful of Bak Kwa
  • a chopped shallot
  • a handful of spring onions
  • some red chilli
  • some chinese parsley (optional)
  • 4 to 5 tablespoons of soy sauce (judge by your own taste).
  • few dashes of pepper

1. In a wok, toss the Bak-Kwa till it looks lightly charred. Just lightly charred will do. Don't over fry it. No need to add oil on the wok. Bak-Kwa itself is oily enough. Dish up, set aside.

2. Beaten eggs on the wok. Just fry it messily. Like frying scrambled eggs. When it is about 70% cooked. Dish up, set aside. Eyeball it yourself. I always do this additional step instead of frying the egg directly onto the rice and fry, because I felt that the eggs would looks nicer on my fried rice if it's been scrambled beforehand, so that it would be evenly distributed in pieces.

3. A tablespoons of oil on the wok, fry chopped shallot till fragrant. Add in chilli & rice. Give it a quick toss. Add the rest of the ingredients (eggs, spring onions, bak kwa, chinese parsley) into the wok. Not to forget soy sauce & pepper. Give it a toss for another 2 to 3 mins should be good enough. Dish up & serve.

You will have to agree with me that this is really easy.

If you were to notice, I only used Soy Sauce & Pepper for this fried rice. Reason is because I don't want to add too much of a flavor that might mess around with the Bak-Kwa taste. It's Bak-Kwa fried rice. The "lead-actor" must be Bak-Kwa then.
Some people like to use salt for their fried rice, and used dark soy sauce to achieve brownish color for their fried rice. But for me, I always like to use Soy sauce alone, sometimes will use abit of fish sauce to enhance the taste (when I don't feel lazy). Soy sauce itself is light dark in color. It will give the fried rice a pale brown color, which I find it really nice looking. And it has it's unique oriental saltiness that goes very well with fried rice.

Look at my bowl of fried rice... It's simple, and it looks nice :)

I get this done in 15mins time. Another 5mins to wash up the mess in the kitchen. Total 20mins. Thou it's abit of work here, but I can assure you that this fried rice taste much better than coffee shop Cze Char fried rice that cost at least S$4.00 a plate! :D

Would you like to have a bowl now?

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