Monday, March 19, 2012

Hoisin Sauce Pork Ribs

I would say, this yummy ribs is totally a cheat. Because it's simply effortless BBQ Ribs!
It's quick, easy, and most importantly yummy. Sometimes, I would really close one eye and don't bother if it is a cheat or not.

Remember posted my 1st BBQ Ribs recipe early this month? I think that BBQ Ribs is rather complicated and too much of effort for some people. One of my girlfriend complaint to me and asked me for a simplified version. That is the reason why, I come up with this.

  • 450g Pork Ribs (about 8 bone strips. Scroll down and refer to my picture)
  • 120g Hoisin Sauce. I used Lee Kum Kee brand.
  • few dashes of pepper
  • few dashes of sesame oil
  • half cups of water (or more.... Eyeball it yourself)
Yes! You didn't see it wrongly. No need to rub your eyes. Other than the ribs, what we need here is just 4 ingredients.
So, what is the cheat thing about?
This is the one loh...

And I've got myself a beautiful ribs rack here. Max pester me to buy it.


1. Wash your ribs, pat dry using kitchen towel. Cut the ribs in between the bones.

2. In a bowl, everything in, except water. Marinade for at least half hour, or one hour is always better if you have the time. I leave it in the fridge, covered, for 2 hours. Oh yea! Just mess it up!

3. Heat up your oven at 200 degrees. You will need to use it later.

4. Use your fingers to "wipe" away the sauce, you don't want the ribs to be too "wet", leave the sauce in the bowl. Do not discard. You will need it later.

5. Pan-sear the ribs lightly... This to seal in the meat juices. No need to cook it thoroughly. I just wants to brown it a little before finishing it in the oven later.

6. Line your baking pan with foil paper, place ribs on it, and straight into the oven for 30 mins or upto 40mins if you want it to looks more charred.

7. While the oven is doing the work. Add water & the remaining marinade sauce into the pan that you just pan-seared the ribs. (Eyeball it yourself. Just add more sauce if needed.) In a medium heat, bring it to boil. Stir occasionally until it has thickened. Heat off. Leave the sauce in the pan. No need to dish up.

8. Here's my ribs just out of the oven after 30mins.

9. Once the ribs is out of the oven, put it back to the pan. Under medium heat, mix the sauce with the ribs evenly. While you're mixing them, the heat is caramelizing the sauce while sticking it to the ribs.

10. Heat off, garnish, serve.

How does it taste?

Max ate 2 and a half bowls of rice with this. Maybe from here, you should be able to judge if it is yummy or not.

For those who seldom cook, maybe you wanna give it a try at home. I'm sure this dish could impress your loved ones! But I've got to warn you, be prepared to cook a lil' more rice for the meal. It's gonna be well received :)

Happy Cooking!

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