Sunday, April 3, 2016

Masterclass & New Menu Tasting at Salt Tapas & Bar

This weekend was a little bit different for me. I was invited by Salt Tapas & Bar for a small but special event hosted by them.

Australian celebrity chef Luke Mangan's second culinary venture in Singapore is a take on traditional Spanish tapas with an Australian twist. And somehow, I personally felt that the dishes has some Asian and Middle Eastern spices influences too.

Salt Tapas & Bar conveniently located at Raffles City Shopping Centre, #01-22A (City Hall MRT), situated opposite the iconic Raffles Hotel. A little piece of Spain in the middle of Singapore. 

Step inside, it's part bar, part restaurant, part indoor, part outdoor. A little bit of everything. There is no mistaking the Spanish feel with exposed brick walls, tall bar stools, marble counter tops, colorful Spanish floor tiles and mosaic red wall tiles. A casual and welcoming vibe. It gives me a nice and comfy feel. The cozy and relaxed atmosphere set it right. I kinda like it. 

The mix of warm lights, wooden tables, and wooden chairs with a cushion on top. It's laid-back ambiance, a little like chillax and a little like.... home.  

The event started with Chef Ronald Li sharing with us on his seafood selection in the house, good tips in filleting fish. He also showcasing his cooking technique on Pan-seared fish with white wine clams, artichoke, pak choy and verjuice sauce. The existence of pak choy which is our common asian vegetables goes quite well with this dish.

We were then seated for the food tasting. That long list of dishes printed on the menu actually makes my heart stopped beating for awhile. No doubt that the list of dishes looked pretty attractive. But the first thing in my mind was "How is this possible to finish?"

For the first, we had 4 different appetizers. 

Top Left : The Pork belly sliders which consist of BBQ pulled pork, pickled cucumber and green chillies is pretty delicious. This wasn't planned on the menu. Chef just happily bring it over to us. 

Top Right : Grilled Flatbread with dipping sauce also wasn't planned on the menu. But this dish could be skipped if you were there. Unless you like Flatbread or na'an kind of bread. 

Bottom Left : Taco of tempura soft shell crab with pineapple salsa and wasabi mayo. The pineapple salsa taste pretty refreshing. 

Bottom Right : Day Sashimi with ginger, shallot and feta. This dish doesn't impress me tho. 

Chef serves us 3 different Salad, which I thought it would make my mom a happy person, because she loves vegetables more than meat. 

Top : Grilled Big Head Prawn with Papaya Salad, Fried Peanut and Tamarind dressing. I like the idea of using tamarind dressing for salad. 

Bottom Left : House Salad with Ponzu dressing, Pickled Ginger and Crispy Beancurd Sticks. The Beancurd Sticks were coated with some Furikake to give a lil' taste in it. 

Bottom Right : Beet, Ricotta Cream, Fig, Pickle Green Chilli, Honey and Thyme Dressing. My mom enjoyed the fresh Fig alot. 

I'm already full before I could finish those salad. But we still have main dish to go. Haha.. *take-a-deep-breath*

For the main dish, 3 varieties are prepared for us. 

Left : Pan-seared fish with white wine clams, artichoke, pak choy and verjuice sauce. This was the dish that Chef Ronald demonstrated to us earlier.

Top Right : Seafood Paella to share. The Paella rice is nicely spiced. Good effort. 

Bottom Right : Grilled Sirloin, Pork Ribs, Spicy Cajun Spitchcock with sauteed veg and mash to go along with the meat feast. The Pork Ribs is packed with good sweet flavors. 

At this point of time, we were already very full. But I spotted Churros on the menu. So, I rubbed my belly, and I tell myself to stay positive and continue eating.

Left : Churros served with Nutella Sauce, Orange Marmalade, and Chantilly Cream. Their churros is puffy and light. 

Top Right : Liquorice Parfait was nice and refreshing. It has the right mix of sweet and acidity. 

Bottom Right : Dulce de Leche & Salted Pecan Semifreddo, Strawberries and wafer. While this dessert is no lack of good presentation, but it is tad too sweet to my liking. But my mom likes it tho. 

It is a very good experience overall. Thanks to Chef Ronald Li and his team for the good effort.  

Salt Tapas & Bar exudes Spanish vibes entwined with the easy ambience of Australian culture providing a fun and vibrant space for friendships to be cultivated and diners to relax. With their wide variety of cuisines and wine, this would probably your next chillax stop. 

I hope I can travel to Spain soon for authentic Tapas experience!

Salt Tapas & Bar 
Address : 252 North Bridge Road, #01-22A Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
Phone : 68370995
Operating Hours : 11.30am - 11pm

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