Sunday, September 9, 2012

Autumn Treasure with Martin Yan (By AFC)

Seriously, I'd never thought I will have a chance to meet this legendary chef in person.

It is a rare opportunity. All thanks to Asian Food Channel who'd organized a photo contest called "Autumn Treasures with Martin Yan", and the winners get a chance to meet the Master Chef Martin Yan in person! Sounds unbelievable yea?

You see this photo, you should know lah. I'm of course, one of the lucky one! :)

How I won it? 

Seriously, I don't know. Please don't feel jealous. Hehe..

I just randomly submitted this gan-shui-joong (Lye Water Rice Dumpling) photo to AFC. And then, I forget everything, until I received the email notice from AFC.

It's ok, this is not important. 

The important is, I'm one of the chosen lucky girl to attend this exclusive dinner at Capella hosted by the man itself! Happy like bird!!! :D

To others, it might not matter. But to me, it does! I'm happy and feel privileged that I'm able to share my personal experience with Chef Martin Yan at this 'Autumn Treasures with Martin Yan' dining event. I love the way this funny guy do his cooking. His cooking show is simply entertaining. He'll never fail to make people laugh. For this part alone, I think, watching his cooking show is really therapeutic.

The exclusive table for all the lucky winner from AFC photo contest. I'm happy to meet the rest of the winners too. We all had a great evening...

The goodie bag from AFC :) 

Waiting for the event to start.

 The technical guys behind the scene, doing some photo-shoot for the food.

Chef Martin Yan doing his amazing chopping skills and cooking demo :)

Ahhh.... Look at that! The cucumber is so thinly sliced!

I laughed so loudly when he is telling us that you can't debone a nervous chicken, and then he teaches us how to relax the chicken. And then, he debone it in amazingly 18 seconds. I took the video of it. But I failed to upload it here. Damn it! It's okay, maybe I'll try it later. 

For the cooking demo - Chef Martin Yan cooked the Dragon and Phoenix in a basket. This dish is going to a lucky guest for the night.

The lucky couple get this dish. They spent their 21st Wedding Anniversary here tonight. I think they really deserve this dish. Ah! This is lovely.

Now let's talk about what we're gonna eat. I'm mad hungry.
The 5 course dinner menu exclusively arranged by Chef Martin Yan

Seriously, I like this menu! Beef Stew!!! This is the to-die-for dish!

Crispy Beancurd Skin Rolls

Dragon and Phoenix 
in a basket

Beef Stew
with Beancurd Sticks and Chinese Chestnuts

Smoked Marinated Squab

Wine Poached Pears

The happy man eating his happy food...

I still remembered, when I was like 12 or 13 years old? I forgotten exactly how old I am at that time. There were once, I purposely skipped schooling just because I wanted to watch his cooking show! Hahaha... Absurd! I know. But...But... But I can't help it! I like to watch his cooking show! :)

Chef Martin Yan walk to every table and toast. It is a great opportunity to take photo with him and get him to sign autograph for me on my newly bought book titled MARTIN YAN'S CHINA.

 Ahhh... I love this photo so so so much!

Just side track abit, and allow me to touch on this Martin Yan's China cookbook. Just randomly browse thru this book before I purchase. And I knew this book is really good. It might not have the most fanciful looking dishes and recipes that you expect. But the dishes indicated in the book has it's cultural and linguistic differences that makes it exciting. It's probably the modern way of preparing dishes, while retain it's real Chinese flavor. It is also about how you could obtain quality, maintain consistency, and serve your dinner in a short time. Sounds interesting? I'll write review about this book next time. If you can't wait for me to write the review, I'll give you my best advise...... buy the book now! :)
He had been drinking. His face turned red. This is when he give his closing speech. But still, his funniest pun level will never drop. Standard always there. We laughed so madly!

The autograph signed by my favorite chef Martin Yan. The special message for me...

To Annie,
The one and only
The Talented
The Amazing
The Exciting
The Gorgeous
A True Professional
Martin Yan

Did I read it correctly? Or am I wrong? His handwriting looks like a doctor! Hahaha...
Nevermind... I'm still very happy.

We even get him to sign on the rolling pin too. Special message "Wok and Roll" for me :)

Tonight's dinner is really awesome. Thank you AFC. Thank you Chef Martin Yan. It's really wonderful to be able to join tonight's exclusive event. I feel so so so happy! :)


  1. You're such a lucky girl, Annie! I'll be thrilled like you too! Can see that you had a really wonderful evening, with a good host, good companion and the goodies! :)

  2. Passionate About Baking, yes! The food that they serve is simply awesome! The whole event is really very well organized.

  3. Annie, you looks so pretty. Love your dress and congrats.

  4. Edith, thanks! My friend commented that I look like a high class waitress in atas fine dining chinese restaurant :(

  5. Annie, you lucky girl! Eh, you a very pretty la...Love your cheongsum.

    1. Phong Hong, It's indeed plain lucky. Hahaha. Thanks for your compliment. You won't wanna see the usual dress down Annie. For those who seen me before, they should know. LOL!

  6. Wow, all dressed up :) ! Never expected you would wear Cheongsam leh! hahah.... congrats! Glad you won :)

  7. Shirley, that's because u seen the real me before! T-Shirt with yoga pants, no make up, hair tied up messily, and with a pair of flip flop! So, you kinda wouldn't imagine me in cheongsam. Hahahaha... :)