Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The beautiful pearly drops of Koshihikari

Seriously, I can eat this rice everyday without getting bored. This is how good it is! :)

After I posted my Basic Onigiri (Using Akitakomachi rice) post, I get approached by Momorice and they gave me a pack of really good Koshihikari Rice as a compliment. After I tried on the rice, I think this pack of good rice deserve my review.

I like the packaging of this rice. I was told that this character named Kanetsugu (爱之米).

Koshihikari is a very popular rice and widely consumed in Japan. Not only due to it's good glossy appearance, but they taste good too! Take a look at the grain...

 One cup is 150 grams. Usually, I cook 200 grams for two adult.

Japanese remarked that the best rice is Koshihikari, in which, it somehow makes it the most expensive rice in all of Japan. I had been eating Japanese rice for quite sometimes, and you have to trust me on that. The price for Japan imported Koshihikari is the most expensive one.

But the taste? It's worth the price!

I had a good chat with Momorice when they hand me the rice, I get to realize that, they will only polish and pack the rice when you place order, so that it stays fresh. That keeps the rice in optimal condition, in which, this is really important. Be sure to rinse several times till the water runs clear before you cook the rice. With this, I could guarantee you that you will definitely get a bowl of heavenly good rice.

Each grain of rice is perfectly fluffy and distinct. It had a wonderful bouncy and toothy bite! Oh! This one, I could guarantee you.

Take a look at this beautiful pearly drop of Koshihikari. This is really beautiful!

Rice is considered good if it is white, shiny, aromatic, sweet (becomes sweet when you chew it), sticky, and resilient. This is what I called good rice.

By just describing it in words, I just couldn't tell you enough on the wonderful after-taste sweetness that lingers in me after I scooped a spoonful of white rice into my mouth. It's like *nom~nom~nom~* .. Ohh!! This is sooooo good and it makes me wants to eat more. Even if it is just plain white rice!

For this part, I confess, I gained weight because of the existence of Koshihikari rice at home. Darn!

The texture of the rice was awesome and complemented the thinly sliced Saké Steak wonderfully. And the Sake sauce drizzled on the rice... Oh.. this is sooooo good!!!

(Click here for Saké Steak recipe here)

What can I say?

If I had to pick something to last my meal, I would want a bowl of this beautiful pearly drops of Koshihikari rice. Even tho it's my half eaten mess, I still wanna show you how good it is. *nom~nom~nom~* haha... I finished every single grain in the bowl! :)

I will never ever get bored with this. Because the feeling of chewing this rice grain in your mouth, slowly savor it. The feeling is just...just... It's really just... magically out of this world!

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