Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to wash and prepare pig stomach

Earlier on, I did shared about how to wash Pig Stomach for Pig Stomach's Soup.

I'm gonna share with you MORE this time... on how I wash and prepare the Pig's Stomach, and it can be in advance. This time, pictures are included!

Now.. read on...

Face it! Everyone of us have to go thru this tedious part if we wants to enjoy this nice meaty sweet intestine.

Unavoidable. So, don't complaint :)

But..... you could do this a week or two ahead, and stock up in your freezer! No fuss!

Just for your reference, price range for fresh Pig's stomach should be about S$11.00 to $13.00/kg. Depends on where you buy it. One Pig's stomach should weight around 500gm +/-. I walked to the nearby wet market and I intend to buy two Pig's stomach.

1st butcher stall : "Errr... around S$8.00 to S$9.00 for one stomach. Very cheap!", the butcher says. In my heart, I was thinking "Ha? Cheap? Crazy!"... Obviously this butcher is trying to con me. Banned this stall!

2nd butcher stall : I get quoted between S$7.00 to S$8.00. Looking at the stomach displayed there.... Sigh! So small. Still expensive. Dislike!

3rd butcher stall : "Hello Miss, this one S$6.50!", the butcher says. Ok, this sounds more reasonable. But then, I gave the butcher my sad puppy look and I just stand there, refused to leave. And when the butcher saw my facial expression, he say "ok lah ok lah! $6.00 each!". With my big smile on my face, I say "Okay! S$6.00! Deal! I want TWO pleaseeeeee!!!"..... Hehehe... I'm happy!

Okay, enough for the wet market story.

I mentioned before, if you don't clean up your pig's stomach properly, you will end up with a smelly and murky soup. Try to buy pig's stomach from your butcher at the wet market. You usually get fresh ones. If you are buying from supermarket, there might be a possibility that you'll get overnight stomach -That might be 2 days old pig's stomach. If you get overnight pig's stomach, it is still edible. It's just that the pig's farm smell is stronger and it takes more time and hassle to get rid of it.

Cleaning Stomach method

1. Prepare a bowl of salt and a bowl of corn flour (or tapioca flour).

NOTE : DO NOT take your salt straight from your salt container with your bare hand and just rub it on the pig's stomach, and then take the salt again! Urgh! This is really not hygiene. Please pour the salt on a bowl. If you can't finish those salt in the bowl after you cleaned the stomach, discard. Your finger touches the stomach, and then the salt, and then the stomach again... You still want to keep those salt? Hahaha...Anyway, this same applies to the corn flour / tapioca flour.

2. Apply a handful of salt on the stomach surface, turn the stomach inside out, and apply another handful of salt. Give it a good rub. Leave it there for awhile and then rinse with running water. By now, you should get rid some of the slimy and greasy residue and smell. Use knife to scrap the stomach as and when, so as to scrap away the fats and other impurities on the lining. Rinse with running water.

For those who never see Pig's Stomach before... this is how the Inside and Outside the stomach looks like.

3. Then, add corn flour on both inside and outside the stomach. Rub it madly! Like you're trying really hard to wash away the coffee stain from your newly bought expensive white dress. Don't be gentle!

4. Repeat step 2 and 3 process a few times. Smell the stomach. Until the "pigs’ farm" smell is gone. I did it about 3 times I think.

NOTE : Last time, I used Coca Cola to rinse the Pig's stomach before I boil it. However, this is optional. If your Pig's stomach is not exceptionally smelly pig's farm, I don't find the need of rinsing it with Coca Cola. Because Coca Cola's caramel color will stain on your Pig's stomach, which you might find it not so appealing.

5. Boil the stomach in a boiling water for 5 minutes. The five minute boil will set it's shape and it also cooked away the slimy impurities.

NOTE : See the pale milky color water? That's normal. These are the slimy impurities that I'm talking about. You won't consume those water anyway. Discard the water after that.

6. Once it's out of the boiling water, let it cool down abit so that you could handle the hot Pig's stomach. Scissor it apart and do a check inside. This is to make sure they are clean within. Just incase, you know? By now, it won't have slimy feel anymore.

NOTE : You may cut away some fats lining at the same time too. Those fats are fine to me actually. They are not alot. But if it irritates you, cut it away then.

7. Leave Pig's stomach cooled down. Use kitchen towel to slightly pat dry if needed. Use a cling wrap and wrap them up, I put them in air tight container and go straight to the freezer.

What is it so difficult? Just do it when you have time! Wash them and stock up!

And then, when you feel like having some Pig's stomach soup during rainy days but feeling lazy, just open your freezer and dig out a piece of Pig's Stomach. Just give it a rinse and it's ready to use :)

My mother says that this can be kept in the freezer for upto 1 month or more. No problem! I cleaned and freeze the stomach, a week later, I took it out for my Sarawak dish! :)

Are you ready for the challenge?


  1. Annie, Next time help to wash one more.. haha..

  2. Wendy ahhhh... you are supposed to LEARN how to clean it yourself! This is the reason why I posted this on my blog. I'm encouraging all of you to learn this! Hahaha..

  3. thanks for taking time to blog this! v interesting.. ^_^


  4. Can you please do a tutorial for cleaning large pigs intestines?

  5. thank you from a Seattle new grandmother in China now!
    very happy to find and read this!

  6. Thanks for your blog! I missed this pig's stomach soup that my grandmother used to make for us whenever we visited her when we were little!Now I can make it myself! Many thanks!!!