Sunday, July 1, 2012

Black Glutinous Rice Chiffon Cake

It couldn't be simpler to whip up a cake with all the ingredients readily available in my cupboard. It's just another weekend. I thought I should bake something simple, but welcoming.

Black Glutinous Rice Chiffon Cake!

Awww.. Look at the color of my chiffon cake. It's greyish and not appealing. Using Black Glutinous Rice Flour? It doesn't sounds right too. Is this what is in your mind now? Well, this is the recipe anyone hesitant about it's tastiness and appearance should really try.

It taste really good and fills the kitchen with that aroma during baking, which is the natural atmospheric setting for the domestic goddess! Seriously, I'm really impressed by this cake.

I've got some large and fresh eggs at home, and my Indonesia colleague Ms.Lia brought me a pack of Black Glutinous Rice Flour from Jakarta, and I don't know what should I do with it. I never use this before. 1st time in my life that I'm holding a pack of this.

My colleague suggested me to bake Black Glutinous Rice chiffon. The moment I hear her suggestion, I knew it should work. Because I love glutinous rice desserts. A bowl of sweet black glutinous rice topped with some fresh coconut milk. This sounds really good.

I adapted this chiffon cake's recipe from Wendy's blog. I saw her chiffon turned out really good. So, I just follow without even reading other people's recipe.

(adapted from Wendy's BGR Chiffon Cake Recipe)

Ingredient A

5 Egg Yolks (95gm)
35gm Sugar
30gm Corn coil
110gm Fresh Coconut Milk (Wendy's recipe stated 100gm only)
1/3 tsp Salt
67gm Black Glutinous Rice Flour
33gm Cake Flour
½ tsp Baking powder

Ingredient B
5 Egg Whites (190gm)
85gm Sugar
1/3 tsp Cream of Tartar

I was hoping to achieve a more moist texture. So, I increased the coconut milk from 100gm to 110gm. It's really up to your individual preference.

  1. Preheat oven to 180 Degree. You could use 22 to 25cm chiffon tube pan. I'm using 21cm here. I only have one at home. Sigh!
  2. Mix egg yolks, sugar and oil together. Add in coconut milk and salt.
  3. Combine Cake flour, Black glutinous rice flour and baking powder. Sift directly into the yolk mixture. Mix until well combined. Set aside.
  4. Egg whites into a clean bowl, beat on low speed until it froths. Add in cream of tartar and continue to beat at high speed until soft peaks. Add sugar at 3 intervals and beat until stiff peaks.
  5. Fold ¼ of egg whites into the batter. Repeat with another ¼ of egg whites.
  6. Pour batter into remaining egg whites and fold until well combined.
  7. Pour batter into a clean pan, lightly shake it left and right to level cake and bake for 45 to 50 minutes. I increased the baking time to 55 minutes.
  8. Remove cake from oven immediately and invert to cool down completely before removing from pan and slicing.
See! My chiffon cake cracked!!! I know, cracked chiffon is normal. But I'm just... hoping that it won't crack of course.

Cake turned upside down, it looks pretty okay. I still see a patch of egg white on top. Obviously it's me who didn't fold the batter well. But I don't bother. I'm not baking this for living. While everybody struggle to produce the perfect cake, I thought home baked cakes should have slight flaws. This makes it looks more "home-made" perhaps?

My heartbeat pumped so fast when I cut the cake. Because Wendy mentioned that her Black Glutinous Rice Chiffon tasted like sawdust and has gritty grainy feel. Although I'm not using the same brand of Black Glutinous Rice Flour as Wendy's one. Still, I'm abit worried here. 1st attempt on new flavours, nervousness is a norm. Haha... 

The texture looks reasonably good and the chiffon cake smells really nice.

Give it a bite, and it taste really good!!! It has really mild grainy texture compared to other ordinary chiffon cake, but this is really minor. It doesn't affect me. No existence of sawdust feel. The moist level is perfect to my liking, but dry enough for the cake stand tall and proud.

Max swallowed 1/3 of the chiffon cake. My MIL brought half chiffon to share with her colleagues. They really love it and they find it interesting. I'm really glad.

Here's the verdict. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a chiffon cake with Black Glutinous Rice flavour. I reckoned it was a special or rather... nostalgic? Well, I know and I can assure you that you won't normally get this outside. Unless you are making a special order from your bakery shop.

You are nodding your head when you read this. I knew it. Because I knew you wouldn't agree with me more. Hahaha...

Well, I don't want to nominate favourites, but even so, I have to say this is the flavour of a chiffon cake I'm ecstatic about. Perhaps, it is because this chiffon cake gives me the nostalgic feel that other cake normally don't.


  1. inspiration!!! gonna try it soon!!!! I love pulot hitam! so I'm quite sure i would like this too!

    1. Hey Alan, I'm a super fans of Pulut Hitam too. Haha... Do show your finished product to me once you're done :D

  2. Hi Anna
    Such a nice colour, thanks for sharing such an interesting recipe. Is black glutinous rice flour readily available in Singapore ?

  3. Hi Wendy, I tried hunting for black glutinous rice flour in singapore before. NTUC, Cold Storage, Phoon Huat, Tott Store, Sheng Siong & etc. But it's not available. I know Malaysia and Indonesia do sell this. It's quite common there :)

  4. I made this and it was successful!! (How do I share a photo on here???) I froze some black glutinous rice and blended it up, and it turned out a lot less gritty than I'd expected! I don't even notice the grittiness. I thought it could use more coconut flavour so might swap out corn oil for coconut oil in future. Very pleased with the structure of my cake--somehow no major cracks on top!

    1. Hi Sarah, I'm happy to hear that. Yes, coconut oil would be a fantastic alternative to corn oil. I will do that next time too :)

  5. Hi Annie,
    This cake looks lovely! May I know what it tastes like? Does the pulot hitam flavour come through? Thanks and love your blog!

    1. Hello Samantha, I'm sorry that I've missed out your message. Of course the Pulut Hitam flavour come through. It's nice!