Monday, December 3, 2012

Le Creuset cooking demo with Chef Jeremy Choo

Le Creuset selected 10 lucky fans to attend Chef Jeremy Choo's cooking demo yesterday. And I'm one of the lucky one. I'm happy, and I really thankful to Le Creuset for the opportunity.

This is my first time meeting Chef Jeremy. He's really a nice, humble and yet funny man. I like him! :)

This cooking demo is done at La Galerie De Dietrich's showroom located at The Cedex. The showroom is really simply *OMG-jaw-drop* awesome! It's so elegant and atas looking! Well, De Dietrich oven is my dream oven. But the price is also very dreamy of course. And with this elegant showroom, it must match with Le Creuset cooking pots, pans and utensils! Hahaha...

I wouldn't wanna say much. I think I will go straight to the cooking part. Chef has got 3 course meal that is being featured. The appetizer, the main and the dessert.

~ ~ ~
The Appetizer
Baked Snails in Vol-au-Vent with Garlic Butter Sauce.

Pan-frying the snails with chopped garlic, shallot, parsley, and then simmer with red wine. Using Le Creuset pan of course. Hehehe... I'm sitting right infront of him. I really feel like asking him for a piece while he's cooking. Hahhaa....

Spoon slains in Vol-au-Vent, add garlic butter sauce on top.

And bake in the oven for 6 to 7 minutes.

While chef busy preparing the 2nd dish, the staff there helping chef to watch the oven. However, the Vol-au-Vent burnt abit. No. It's not the De Dietrich oven's problem. It's user's problem. Hahas!

~ ~ ~
The Main Course
Crayfish with Mango Sauce.

Lightly pan-sear the marinated crayfish in the skillet before it goes into the oven. OMG! Look at the super thick piece of crayfish meat! 

Chef pan-seared some japanese mushroom slices to go along with the crayfish later. Yumms!!!

Topped with parmesan cheese, and then caramelized the cheese with a blow torch, and then sprinkle some pepper and parsley flakes on top. Omph! Perfect! 

~ ~ ~
The Dessert
Pineapple Suffle.

The best part about this souffle is this pineapple with white chocolate ganache. 

Chef make sure everyone of us has a share of this souffle. Even the photographer. He's really good to us. Saw the Le Creuset the ramekin? It's really nice! I have it at home! Haha..   

After 8 minutes in the oven, the souffle is finally done! 

Topped with some icing sugar, and it's ready to serve!  

The pineapple white chocolate ganache melted at the bottom. When I eat the souffle, it's full of pineapple taste. It's simply indescribable! 

If you were to ask me, I think this is one of the best souffle that I've ever had so far. It's really refreshing and it's just... something different :D

Thank you Le Creuset and De Dietrich for the awesome demo class. I learnt some cooking tricks and tips from Chef, and of course, the food is awesome. I hope this will happen again. It's really a wonderful experience.


  1. Annie, you always get to meet these chefs and attend nice cooking events. Aiyah, when is my turn? :)

  2. What a nice opportunity! Love the recipes, very atas also lol. La creuset is super expensive here, my hubby will pengsan if i said i want to buy them.

  3. Pineapple white choc souffle.. sounds really yum!

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  5. Annie, the Pineapple Souffle sounds like a great dessert to serve this CNY. If you have the recipe, can you please share? Thanks!

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