Friday, November 23, 2012

Chilled Soya Beancurd (冰冻豆花)

Okay, I'm really slow when it comes to this Chilled Soya Beancurd rave. People already go gaga over the Lao Ban Soya Beancurd (老伴豆花) selling at Old Airport Road. And I'm not into it at that point of time.

Since a year ago, hardwarezone chanzhf who have tried every possible combination of coagulants available in the market in order to recreate this dessert, and finally he came up with the recipe that makes people really go into replicate it at home.

I supposed to make this somewhere Aug'12, where the Diner en Blanc's 1st appearance in Asia that causes the blast of Make And Eat Tau Huay Day. But then, at that point of time, I'm super busy with house moving. So, I didn't even have the time to cook myself a bowl of instant noodle! Let alone making soya beancurd.

I had Lao Ban Soya Beancurd once when Max brought me to Old Airport Road hawker centre. Nice! But I'm not a person who will go gaga over it la. It's S$1.50 for a half-filled bowl. Say me stingy, but I feel expensive. Max asked me if I could taste what's the ingredient in there. The only thing I remembered I told him was Coffee-mate. I'm very very sure that they added Coffee-mate.

I adapted this recipe from Noob Cook. I didn't bother to compare this recipe with another recipe before I make it. I just follow it blindly for convenience sake. Don't worry about it. Yumms!!! This recipe works! It taste really really close to the one I ate at Old Airport road.

All you need to do is to gather all these ingredients before you get started. You can get both Soya powder and coffee-mate from NTUC, and Instant Jelly Powder from Phoon Huat.

This is super easy, and I think I will make this often at home. I double up the original recipe because I find it no point making a recipe that only serves 2. Max can swallow all of them in just a glance loh.

Ingredient (Makes 4 servings)

  • 60g 'Unisoy' Instant Organic Soya Milk Powder
  • 30g 'Polleney' Soya Bean Powder
  • 30g 'Nestle' Coffee-mate coffee creamer
  • 30g Sugar
  • 700ml Hot Water
  • 10g Instant Jelly Powder

Noob Cook slightly modified the recipe by reducing the amount instant jelly powder (originally should be 14g), because she wanted to achieve wobbly and soft texture. She also swapped the quantity of Polleney and Unisoy powders around. I'm ok with it. I just follow. I like it wobbly too.


  1. Measure all the ingredients using a digital weighing scale for accuracy. 
  2. In a saucepan, add all the ingredients except instant jelly powder. Pour over hot water, in low fire, use a whisker to stir until the soya milk powder fully dissolved. At this point of time, the soya milk should be warm, but NOT boiling.  
  3. Heat off, stir in instant jelly powder until fully dissolved. 
  4. Run the soya milk through a sieve, slooooow and steadily. I did it twice. If you see bubbles on the surface, use a sieve or a spoon to fish it out. 
  5. Gently pour into bowls. Leave it cool at room temperature, and then chill it in the fridge. 

Step 2 and 3 - Stir until everything fully dissolved.

Did you see lots of bubbles in there? This is why we need to sieve it away. If not, your soya beancurd will end up with lots of bubbles and holes.... like Mark Lee's face. Hahaha... Ok, just joking. Mark Lee's face looks nice and smooth now compared to last time.

You must be slow and steady when you sieve it, and even pouring the mixture into the bowls. Please do it gently and at a low height to avoid bubbles, and so that you could achieve this smooth surface. I used small container this time. I prefer smaller, and I get more portion. But well, it's really up to you. :)

And there, after I unmould it, it's soft and wobbly! I think I like this version.

Each gram of instant jelly powder makes a difference. If you prefer more firm, add another one or two grams of instant jelly powder in it. It's really up to individual preference.

Seriously, this recipe is worth a try. I love it. Maybe I shall try using 12grams Instant Jelly Powder next time and see which texture I prefer :)

I'd highly encourage you to do it at home over the weekend! :D


  1. Annie, so shiny, silky and wobbly! Very soothing and cooling, would love this for dessert or breakfast heh..heh...Oh, got difference between soya milk powder and soya bean powder?

    1. Phong Hong, I don't know the difference leh. But I did taste both bean and milk powder. It does taste slight different. But then, I couldn't tell the difference by describing it. Hahaha..

  2. Tried doing n mine was a failure. Still in liquid form despite in the fridge for two hours. Arggg

    1. Dear Anonymous, 2 hours is not enough for it to set. you have to leave it there for at least 5 to 8 hours. Do add more instant jelly powder if you prefer firmer texture. Mine is very wobbly. Try again ok? Good luck :)

  3. Hi, dear. I have been following yr post, like yr recipes very much.

    I have tried this bean curd recipe, it works well during 1st attempt, but not sure why the texture still quite watery even though I have increase the amount of instant jelly powder.... : (

    1. Hi, as i mentioned, mine is very wobbly texture. If you tried the original Lao Ban style soya beancurd before, the texture is very wobbly. It's supposed to be in this way. If you find it watery, i guess you might prefer firmer type. So, just go ahead to add more instant jelly powder. It's individual preference. Very difficult to justify. There's no right or wrong :)

  4. Hi, not sure is there problem with my ingredient, coz even I added instant jelly powder to 20g, it's still watery in texture....

  5. Hi there, I tried to make this at home, the taste was very good indeed, the wobbly was also perfect, but what bothered me was the texture, it kind of had very little bubbles scattered evenly inside the pudding (not on the top) I'm not really sure it was bubbles though because I can't feel it when I ate it, it looked like one or some ingredients did not fully disolve. I ran it through sieve only one time, because when I ran it through the second finer sieve it ran very slow and kind of partly coagulated already, so can you tell me what is wrong with this? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Davey, by seeing what you'd described, I think it is what exactly you said. There must be some ingredients did not fully dissolved. And this is also why when you sieve it, it ran very slow and partly coagulated. Don't give up. Try again! :D

  6. Hello, I just wonder how warm or hot of water are enough ?ie 60 or 70 Dgree C ?