Friday, October 5, 2012

AFC Invitation - DBS Masterclass with Chef Francois Mermilliod

I'm so delighted to have this opportunity to up-close and personal with Chef Francois Mermilliod, the Head Chef of the acclaimed Restaurant Absinthe in this DBS Masterclass at the AFC Studio!

I'd been invited by AFC to attend this exclusive event, and it's really my pleasure. All thanks to AFC for this opportunity.

This is the 1st time I stepped into AFC Studio at Orchard. I simply love the feel of it! Too bad, I can't bring Max along this time.

The studio is not too big, but cozy and good enough!

The place where I sit. Good view! I love the Champagne that they served once I settled down :)

And dellish Canapés. How I wish I can have another piece of that. Haha...

The long waited handsome Chef Francois Mermilliod. He's gonna present us his signature Modernized French, beautifully presented dishes. This guy is quite witty!

I was so attracted by the black piece of small machine that looks like a gun, attached with a tube! This is a smoking gun! See how he smoke the quail meat! That looks really easy to smoke our own meat!

This class includes samplings of the demo dishes, wine pairings and Perrier beverages. 

Dishes Featured: 
Smoked Yellow Tail Kingfish, Argan Oil Dressing and Seaweed Tuile

Roasted Quail with Parma Ham and Mushroom Stuffing, Celeriac Mash.

Roasted Black Figs, Sweet Wine Sabayon and Hazelnut

My apologies for the lousy photos. The light in the studio is a lil' dim yea.

After the demo class finished, chef came forward to interact with us. And immediately, I asked him where can I get the Smoking Gun. He immediately show me the Smoking Gun that he used. I wanna get this!!!

It comes in a set. It consist of 4 different smoking sawdust and wood. I liiiiiike!!!

Chef told me that he got it at a corporate rate. This tiny machine cost him S$200+. Immediately I was like... "Uh? That's expensive!". Yea, chef agrees that the whole operation of this machine is really simple, but yet, it is so expensive.

Nevermind. Next time :)

AFC gave me goodie bag too! Nice apron! I really have to thank Asian Food Channel once again :)

Let's see Chef one more time.... Handsome yea? :)

What I love most about him is how charismatic he is when he cooks :)


  1. Mm... I guess the thought of meeting up the Chef and learning new stuff have you up and looking well! Great to see you happy and almost glowing. I hope it is not from standing too near the handsome chef! Lol...
    Looks yummy! I meant the food! Heex3!
    Well, your equally handsome half is so lucky cos more yummy dishes after this event!

    1. Lisa, yea, indeed. Especially the Parma Ham Quail. Match with the veil jus! Woooh! Perfect!

  2. You lucky girl again! That smoking gun thingy is very cool. Convert that into Ringgit, lagi expensive!

    1. I needa find out the actual price 1st. Hahaha... Sekali cost S$300 for retail. Chef bought it at corporate price la. Confirm good discount one.

  3. yes Annie, he's handsome *grin*