Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random : Treasure hunt in the kitchen

I had been busy packing up and gotta move over to my new residence by end of this week.

While both me and my Mother in law busy packing up, we found alot of "treasures" that is hidden beneath the kitchen cupboard. Those are my mother in law's stuffs. But she herself didn't even know she has all these "treasure"!!!

I won't post every single treasure here. They are really... too much. But these two item, it's CLASSIC~!!!

Treasure 1 : Childhood old-fashioned mini fork.

Looks familiar?

Yes! This is what we used to eat cakes and fruits during our childhood times! I took a photo of this, and then I sent it to Wendy. And then, my mother in law threw it away. She said no point keeping em'. I told Wendy "This is 20 years old!!!".... Wendy responded "Noooo!!! This is 30 years old!!!".

Ok. I think I should keep it. I go to the dustbin and dig it out again. Next time, when I have my own child, I should show this mini fork to my child. Hehe... Even Edith told me that she wants it.

Another treasure....

Treasure 2 : Grandma's style old earthen pot.
Ok, I don't know how old is this pot. But my Mother in law also not sure, but she says this should be around 9 to 10 years old. Somebody pass this pot to her, and there, she continue to use it. She wanted to threw this away. But when I saw it, I said "Noooo!!! Cannot throw!!! This is good stuff!!!".... She looked at me with her two big eyes... hahahaha...

I tested, no leakage. Still in good condition! I'm gonna use this pot to boil a pot of good soup using charcoal when my new residence settled down! Or maybe Vinegared Pig's Trotter? Hehehe...

Actually, there are more treasures, not only these two item. The good old days stuffs that not all younger generation know how to appreciate it. Just like the earthen pot. It can really cook up the unforgettable flavor that makes us reminds of the real traditional taste. My grandma's cooking.... You get what I mean?

But the house is in a mess, sometimes, I just don't have the time to take picture of those stuffs. Anyway, nevermind... Do stay tuned! I hope I can show u more! :D


  1. Really treasure indeed. Love the little forks. So vintage! Don't ever throw them away!!

  2. Hahaha... I almost threw it away. Luckily I didnt :)

  3. Hey, those forks bring back memories! My grandma has them and we used to eat fruits with them when I was small. But I don't know where they are now. Yah, keep the claypot. Can make nga poh fan :)

  4. Annie, don't post picture after you threw them out. Post it before you do so. You might be finding new homes for those.

  5. Phong Hong, This is not the right claypot to cook Nga Poh Fan (aka claypot chicken rice) lah. Haha... This one is good for braised meat and soup! Hehe

    Edith, okay.. I will try. But I already threw quite alot since last week. Haha..