Sunday, March 8, 2015

Annielicious Food Blogspot is 3 now!!!

Dear Readers, 

Today marked the 3rd year anniversary ever since I started writing Annielicious Food Blogspot.

For those who know me, you will know how hard I'd been trying to find work / life balance all along. For those who doesn't know me, for your info, I have a full-time job, and blogging recipes will only happen over the weekend. The intention of writing this blog is for my personal record, my way of penning down some of my tried and tested recipes, hoping to share knowledge with my future children (if I'd ever have one). If I'd grow old one day, I would worry that I'd forgotten what I've added into the dish and I'm not able to do knowledge transfer to my child.

And so, I never thought my recipes could go any further. But, I started to feel the change in society. Modern women's doesn't walk into the kitchen as much as our parent's era do. Eating out is so convenient nowadays. But I'm a person who always believes in... as long as there's food on the dining table, your family members will come home for you. 

I asked myself how much I could do to change it? At least some little effort from me? How I could encourage fellow young women's in this modern society to cook and bring some joy to their family? I thought, maybe improve my way of writing my blog to ensure every details are recorded down? I don't know. But this might be one possible or better way to encourage readers to start cooking. But at the same time, things are getting tougher when my I set expectations on myself in writing recipes. I read more, I learn more, and I'm still learning. And you guys are the one who gave me the reason to do this. 

My writing is not detailed enough is something I worry always. I don't know why. But if you wonder what I did in order to come up with a recipe post? Read this :
  1. Finding the right weekend schedule to cook (I'm not a full-time blogger)
  2. The right time to go to the right place or market to get the fresh ingredients (Sometimes I need to run a few places just to gather all the specific ingredients I wanted), 
  3. The right amount of food to prepare for the total hungry tummies,
  4. The right cooking or baking heat and time (Especially first attempt on new dishes or bakes),
  5. Penning down every possible details in the kitchen to ensure nothing is forgotten later,
  6. Take photos of every preparation and cooking steps, while ensuring my food is not over-cooked (I have poor memory sometimes),
  7. Wishing for the best natural light to take better photos (If the sunlight is not good on that day, it kills the photo taking, and it's as good as killing me!), 
  8. Photo taking must be quick, so as to ensure hungry tummies doesn't eat cold dishes, 
  9. Time spent on photo editing and writing every details on the blog (It's quite time-consuming actually).
  10. Proof-reading before hitting the "Publish" button, so as to ensure no wrong information is written (although I admit that I didn't do proof-reading during busy times)
  11. Did I left out anything?
The road is never easy, but till now, I'm still learning.... 

I'm surprised that I'd actually able to persevere until now, and still, continue blogging recipes. But looking back, I don't think this blog is possible without these people :

My Husband, Max - He is the driver who drives me around to source for ingredients without even complain once until today. He is the supporter, the encouragement, the guinea pig, the audience, the judge, and my biggest fan! He would finish all the left-over food that I cooked. He spoilt me with lots of kitchen toys, wash all the dishes after I messed the kitchen (this is unconditional love!). He can even go all way out to buy good ingredients for me wherever he go. The time when he lugged 1kg of Prosciutto Di Parma from Germany. Ohh... I love this man more than my life!

My Mother, Mdm Chai - She gave me lots of classic recipes, cooking tips that doesn't teach on cookbooks and online. Her recipe always appear on my blog if you noticed. She taught me lots of lessons in life that can never be found in textbooks. She's my absolute inspiration and aspiration!

My Mother-In-Law, Mdm Leong - She always loves promoting my cooks and bakes to her friends. Although sometimes I couldn't understand why she'd want to give-away my failed bakes (yes, I do fail sometimes, I'm not afraid to tell you.), but I know she'd probably feels proud of her daughter-in-law who bake, cook, and write. 

Alan, Travelling Foodies - This guy is the best (male) cook that I've ever met in SG so far. Very detailed and precise person in cooking and baking. I've learnt alot from him. And not to mention, he'd probably the one who's there to listen to most of my nonsensicality and ranting through the entire 3 years of blogging. Developing a strong friendship is never easy and it takes alot of effort. Thank you for being with me through good and bad times, my friend. I love you man! 

Wendy, Wendyinkk Blogspot - This woman is amazing! She's my most respected recipe blogger ever! If I were to nominate someone to go for Master Chef competition, she would be the one. We have complicated relationship here. She is my school-mate, my senior in Secondary School Girl's Brigade. Her mom knows some of my family member during our young days. Back in 2012, we found each other on Facebook, we reunite, and she is the one who encourage me to start writing down my recipe on blogspot. She taught me alot along the way. She seems to know everything that I can't even find it online! She pushed me hard to learn even more! I love you Wendy!

All Readers - Thank you for loving my recipe. Knowing that my recipe may not be the best, but you guys choose to believe me and give it a try. Everytime when I receive feedback from you guys, telling me how much your family members enjoyed the food, it makes me smile, and all the tough times (being a recipe blogger) is all gone. With both palms pressed together, I thank every one of you. 

Coming forward, I wish I would have more time to come up with more recipes and many more years to come. It is about how much I could do to encourage women in the society to cook and bring joy to their family. Thank you everyone for loving me. 

Lots of Love, 
Annie Mok


  1. It's been a wonderful 3 years of rekindled friendship with you after not seeing each other for more than 12 years? I'm glad you still recognised me. A toast to Annielicious for more years to go. Don't give up, be true to yourself and blogging will be rewarding to yourself and family. More food to feed them! Lol

    1. How could I not recognise you when your face has not been changing since the last time I met you in school! And more than 12 years I'm sure. At least 16 years la.

      I have to agree with you. More rewarding to myself (to be able to learn), and to my family as they are well fed. Thank you wendy :)

  2. Beautiful write up Annie. Keep up the work and passion for cooking, baking and blogging. :) Congrats on your 3rd year and many more years to come!

  3. Annie, congratulations on your 3rd year of blogging! Hey, I love your photo leh! You look so happy surrounded by ingredients, pots, utensils and laptop! I can related to your points number 1 right down to 11. I salute you! Keep up the good work and continue to share more recipes!

  4. Happy 3rd anniversary. I always loved your step-by-step photo recipes and you continue to inspire me in my cooking. Hope to see many more of your great recipes :)

  5. Hi there Annie .. I chanced upon your blog just 2 weeks ago and have since tried out 3 recipes.. All of which were very very good .. Instructions were clear with many valuable tips .. I wanna thank you for your efforts in writing this blog and please don't stop!! I am cooking more these days and feel so encouraged to try new dishes some which of I never imagine I could replicate at home.. Thank you once again Annie and yes here's 3 big cheers to your 3rd year anniversary !! - Brenda -

    1. Thank you Brenda for your encouragement. I will continue to do my best :)

    2. Thank you Brenda for your encouragement. I will continue to do my best :)

  6. Thank you Annie for all your beautiful recipes. I am indeed fortunate and very blessed to be able in future to use your recipes when I wish to. All your recipes were meticulously documented. Thank you for all your efforts!

    Priscilla Poh

    1. Thanks Priscilla. I hope my recipe could bring some joy to you and your family :)

    2. Thanks Priscilla. I hope my recipe could bring some joy to you and your family :)

  7. You looks so professional in the photo! Gambateh!

  8. I've loved every single recipe you have posted on your blog Annie! The photos are beautiful and you really can cook :) As a Singaporean living in Australia you start to really miss the dishes there and it makes me happy that I can satisfy my cravings by making these dishes myself! My grandmother never wrote down any of her recipes so I never had much experience with Asian cooking, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!